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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend:

Obviously, I'm behind on my blogging, so I am trying to catch up. We had the best Memorial Day almost ever. We went to Mississippi with our friends Kris and Brigitte Lange. They are both from Iuka, Miss. We stayed with Brigitte's parents and had an amazing time. We went to the beach at Pickwick Park, rode our bikes around Shiloh National Military Park, went canoing at Tishomingo State Park and went to Brigitte's family reunion and fish fry. We experienced some real Mississippi hospitality.

We also brought the dogs on their first road trip. We brought our two dogs, Kris and Brigitte brought their two dogs, and Brigitte's parents have four dogs. It was a zoo. Maddie and Hubble went a little nuts with all of the land they had to run in. Maddie dove into the pond and loved it.

Maddie and Hubble are tired after their trip.

Kris and Brigitte Lange after our boating excursion.

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Mair said...

Hey Dan and Jan! Looks like you guys are having a good life in Nashville, though we really miss you here in Charlottesville.