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Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday, April 9

Usually my posts are fairly boring updates on our home improvement projects. Not this time!

Dan and I had a very eventful weekend. I got a job offer from a local PR firm that species in health care marketing and PR. It just so happens that my experience is in just that. It started with a freelancing inquiry, and the firm decided they needed a full time helper instead of a part-time freelance helper. So, I got the offer Saturday, and plan to start the 30th.

That was news enough before Sunday night rolled around. Maddie, our Jack Russell terrier, decided some decomposing compost looked good as a nighttime snack. So, she ate a lot of it and poisoned herself. We took her to the doggie ER and they flushed out her system overnight. We picked her up this morning and she seems to be doing okay. Our biggest concern was that the neurotoxins would permanently alter her, but they didn't fortunately.

So, that was our weekend. How about yours?