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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

In the Meantime--Saving East Nashville's Pets

At the same time that we were helping with the election, we were fostering and training a slew of four-legged strays.

These lucky pups have all been adopted by wonderful folks in Nashville:




Here is our latest, little Neko the puppy.

Our MIA Explanation

Dan and I got very involved in some exciting political developments in East Nashville. We helped remove our sitting city council (Metro for Nashvillians) representative.

I provided my PR and marketing services to the campaign, which took up every weekend and evening for quite a while.

Here are a few photos and links:

And We're Back!

We've been MIA for a while--I'll explain more later about what took over our lives for a while.

But we're back, picking up where we left off.

We fixed the fence after it was smooshed by a falling tree.

Then we finished the deck.

We took some time off from all of our house projects because 1) it was tiring and 2) we had lots of other stuff going on.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tree/Fence Situation Still Unresolved

We are still in communication with Nashville to determine how best to proceed with the toppled fence situation. Public Works said it was Metro property, Metro Legal said it wasn't. We are appealing with Metro Legal by providing them more evidence and estimates for repair.

Here's a better picture of the tree on top of our fence a couple of weeks ago:

Public Works came out today to take down the rest of the tree, which was rotting from the inside out. So, we're still waiting to fix the fence and to replace my beloved cypress...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The deck continues

This was the update I was hoping to post--we're making progress on the last part of the deck. We had to build the part of the deck that attaches the back door to the rest of the structure in a different way because of zoning rules. We couldn't build a "permanent structure" at the edge of the property line, so we are building this part as a "temporary structure."

I was hoping to post good news...

I was getting ready to post an exciting update about our progress on the deck and our other house projects. But then the storm came today.

And now our back yard is destroyed. A tree from across the alley from our back yard crashed down on the fence and my brand new cypress trees and crushed them.

The good news is that the tree was not on our property, so there's a chance we aren't responsible for the damage. We will know more tomorrow. Here's the damage:

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Community Action at Work!

Dan and I are in the crowd of red shirts at last night's Metro Council meeting. The video quality is so bad, but maybe you can see us in the second row on the far left side. Me with a red shirt over my long-sleeved white collared shirt. Dan in his Lee College tshirt.

Go East Nashville!