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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday, July 27:

We are in full "do-it-your-selfer" mode here in Nashville.

Our furniture arrived Monday morning, and we started unloading it all. The weather was perfect. It had just rained and cooled off the air, so unloading didn't take long at all. Well, that's mostly true.

In case you were wondering, be prepared for some surprises when you buy a house where no one has actually lived. Our house was completely renovated just before the sale, so no one has lived in it to figure out the quirks and correct the errors in construction. Take for instance the fact that our bed won't fit upstairs in our bedroom. The door that opens to the stairs was once the door to a small closet. It's still the size of a small closet door...with stairs behind it. Even after much review of my brother's trigonometry and cutting out the door facing, we were still unable to squeeze the box spring through the doorway. So, we are currently sleeping on a mattress until we can find a split box spring for a queen-sized bed. They exist, according to our research.

So, my dad is hammering away right now, trying to piece back together the door frame.

After that, we will finish installing the chain link fence, and hopefully install the hood over the range. We have already installed mini blinds and ceiling fans all around the house. The best addition is the overhead light and ceiling fan in the living room. Who builds a house with no overhead light in the living room? Good question.

The dog is completely weirded out by all of the construction and unpacking. We don't know if it was all of the confusion, or if she simply does not tolerate other dogs well, but the interactions between her and my brother's dog could have been much better.

She loves people, so please come visit, but make sure to kennel your own pooch before making the trek. She hasn't been socialized properly from what we can tell.

Oh, the job: I was offered and accepted a position as Web Producer at NewsChannel 5, the local CBS affiliate. I hope to start next week. They were kind enough to understand my unpredictable circumstances right now, and were willing to delay my start date until after the family left. I have been freelancing with them, so know a lot already about the corporate culture and with whom I would be working. They are all very nice folks, following nicely in suit with the rest of their Nashvillian counterparts.

Dan and I have decided that the only way we will move from here is if the move is sponsored by someone else, i.e. the university that hires Dan for a tenure track position. It will happen eventually....

Please come visit! We would love to see our friends from anywhere and everywhere. I learned from my friend Alex Esmon that he drove from Columbia, Mo to Nashville in under eight hours. We made it from Charlottesville in less that nine. My parents made it from Houston in about 13. We're right in the middle of everyone we want to see!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday, July 10:

I have begun settling into the house by painting the walls and other improvements that don't require tools or more than two hands. I have also kept busy with our new friend Maddie. She is a three-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who I have learned hates cats. They are the enemy. Even if they aren't doing anything to her. She can smell them from a distance and freaks out.

Other than that, she's a great house dog. She's the calmest terrier you've ever seen. She likes to lay in her bed with her chewies, and go on walks. You will enjoy meeting her when you come visit :-).

The job search is going well. I am freelancing with the CBS affiliate here as a Web Producer, writing stories, and posting them online. I am interviewing to do it full time, and am also waiting to hear from Belmont, where I had my most promising job lead. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday, July 3:

It finally happened! Dan and I own a home! And we hit our two-year anniversary! And we got a dog! We've experienced a lot of changes in the last few days, but we will continue to keep all of our friends and family posted of other changes.

Details to follow.....