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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The deck continues

This was the update I was hoping to post--we're making progress on the last part of the deck. We had to build the part of the deck that attaches the back door to the rest of the structure in a different way because of zoning rules. We couldn't build a "permanent structure" at the edge of the property line, so we are building this part as a "temporary structure."

I was hoping to post good news...

I was getting ready to post an exciting update about our progress on the deck and our other house projects. But then the storm came today.

And now our back yard is destroyed. A tree from across the alley from our back yard crashed down on the fence and my brand new cypress trees and crushed them.

The good news is that the tree was not on our property, so there's a chance we aren't responsible for the damage. We will know more tomorrow. Here's the damage: