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Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 28, 2007

I have included below the rest of the photos from the Country Music Marathon. This may not interest any of you, but it was such a dynamic event. There were almost 30,000 runners total, which was quite a sight to see. People dressed up in costumes, they said "thank you for being here" as we cheered them on, and they smiled a lot more than I would have in the situation.
This was the crowd of half-marathoners. The full marathoners have just split off, so this is not even everyone!

Elvis worked very hard to separate the half from the full marathoners.

Elvis working hard with his bull-horn.

And Minnie Pearl was there, too! Can you believe this guy ran 13 miles with a wig, hat and dress?! And, I thought running 13 miles without being chased was crazy...

These girls had fun together in their matching princess outfits.

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