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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006:

Our mortgage broker finally called. He's been rather illusive, and hasn't been making contact with us on as regular a basis as I would prefer. But finally, he called. Too bad he didn't have an exact closing time yet. We will close either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Either way, Dan has headed back to Charlottesville and I will sign for the both of us.

Dan will return in the middle of July with the furniture, but until then I will be camping out. I bought a dorm fridge to keep me until we get the real thing. It will be rustic in the house until then. I will be really embarassed when Dan and my folks show up to find the state of the house, I'm sure.

Keep sending on the good vibes for the job search. It's going well. I might be able to do some freelancing with a news station here for the meantime until the permanent offer comes through. I wish I had the connections here to be doing that all along. Next move, that will be the plan. Freelance first, job second. Anyone got any tips for me on that one?

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