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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Originally written June 14, 2006:

As promised, I am updating you on our adventures and progress as it relates to our move to Nashville. Things are moving along, and every day comes with more news bits and updates.

After having an inspection conducted on the house that we are hoping to buy, we presented a list of demands to the seller. There were several issues that would have broken the deal had they not agreed to the changes or repairs. We have been very lucky—the seller has accepted almost all of the changes. The only changes not accepted were fairly small, and mostly cosmetic. We are thrilled that the house purchase has been progressing so nicely. The seller is also open to closing earlier than our originally anticipated close date of June 30. Right now, we are aiming for June 26. The folks who I am staying with have been so kind. They had a change in their plans, and are allowing me to stay with them until the closing, so that I won't have to move again.

The job search is going well. I have connected with so many people here who have helped me and given me contacts and ideas for the search. I am doing everything possible on my end, and trying to be patient until I hear from the employers with whom I have interviewed. I have a full day of interviews today, and hope to set up more for the rest of this week and next week.

Although the house buying process is progressing so smoothly, Dan will probably have to wait to join me until I have secured employment. He is doing a great job in Charlottesville of supporting us, and packing up our apartment for the impending move. Don't be surprised if he calls you shortly for some assistance in loading up our things.

As soon as the house transaction has been finalized, we will send out our contact information. I will also keep you updated about the job search. Keep racking your brains for any contacts that you may have in Nashville. I appreciate the contacts that I have received so far, and have followed up on all of them.

Thank you so much for your concern and interest in our lives.

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