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Monday, February 02, 2009

This time it was Hubble...

What's a weekend without a trip to the emergency vet AGAIN? This time, it was Hubble.

Apparently, the dogs got into the composter some time yesterday. We noticed the lid was off Sunday morning and put it back on as soon as we noticed. It hasn't been closing well these days due to a previous attempt to pry it open by a neighbor's visiting pet. We thought we got it covered up before anything bad happened. We thought Maddie got into it, so we poured peroxide down her throat to make her vomit anything that she may have eaten. But we never suspected that Hubble would be on the wrong end of this deal.

Luckily, it's winter so there's not actually any compost in the composter. It's just leaves and food waste until it warms up. Apparently Hubble got into the coffee grounds that had been pulled out of the bin.

At the time it was scary, but now it seems comical. If you know Hubble, you know he's pretty high energy anyway. Imagine Hubble after popping a couple of doses of speed. He couldn't walk straight and just vibrated with his eyes and ears twitching constantly.

Once we got to the vet, the worst was over and he was fine. We just had to keep him hydrated so he could process the rest of the caffeine. I felt so bad for him. He about had a heart attack at the vet he was so jittery. He followed me around the rest of the night he was so scared of whatever was happening to him.

Poor guy.

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