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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18, 2008

This house it is a-changin'...

I am so proud of Dan and me. I had some vacation time that I needed to take before it expired (and letting it go to waste would have been stupid), so I took it off during Dan's spring break. Somehow I convinced him to dedicate the week to working on the house doing the things we don't have time for on any given Saturday. We did a ton of work on the house, as illustrated by the labeled pictures below (notice the grass!):

The privacy gate on the left side of the house is brand new! Dan did it all, and it is great!

Here's a close-up of the gate and new fencing that extends the gate past the back door:

My raised-bed garden in the front of the house for my new herb and flower garden:

My new Leyland Cypress trees that will hopefully fill in and create a privacy screen along the back fence:

The north side of the house that doesn't get much sun now has some little ground-coverings that will spread and cover this shady path:


Amy said...

You should be proud! Looks great. I'm obsessed with HGTV. I love home improvement projects...well as much as I can without having my own home.

nichole said...

The house is looking great!

Kyle D. said...

Jan, house looks great! Hadn't checked in on your blog in a while, all kinds of news...

Sorry to see that the ol' Neon had to go. I know how it feels to have to move on. I hit a deer with my old pickup, but I've still got hopes of rebuilding her some day.

Email me sometime, I'd love to catch up. Again, great job, your place has undergone quite the transformation. Tell Dan "Hi."

Anonymous said...
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