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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Last night was worth bragging about for a long time. Dan and I went to the Dixie Chicks concert last night. I have been whining to Dan for months about how badly I wanted to go, but the tickets started at $50 a piece. Not exactly in the budget.

So our good friend Kris comes through at the last minute, with a skybox compliments of his employer Ernst & Young.

I am such an obnoxious concert-goer. I can't help myself I have to sing along at the risk of annoying other concert-goers. I was so psyched. I loved their performance, their jokes and their songs. They marched on to the stage to the song "All Hail the Chief." Very appropriate.

Security was frisking attendees, so I don't have any pictures of me having an incredible time! I'm sorry that you don't get to see it.

I would give you a full report, but I'm still so excited about it, that I might need some more time to process. Come visit Music City and you can come to amazing shows, too!


Mair said...

Why so much security? Were they worried because of their recent bad press??

I'm glad you guys had a nice time. We were happy to get your Christmas card. So glad you two are enjoying life in Nashville. We miss you in C-ville, though.

Kyle said...

For anyone who doubts Jan's concert enthusiasm, I can vouch for the behavior she claims. Remember Dwight Yoakum?