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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006: Go Oilers, I mean, Titans!

Dan and I got to go to our first NFL game last Sunday. It was an interesting experience. Half of the fun was being around folks that we never would have been around on a regular basis.
The Titans lost, and it started to rain a little, but it was still fun. Mostly it was fun because we rode our bikes downtown and bypassed all traffic and parking issues. We earned the right to be smug by riding our bikes.

We were literally in the next to last row...of the entire stadium. But, that's fine with us. My boss rewarded me with the tickets. She seems to like me...

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Chris Harper said...

Hi Jan - Glad to hear all is going well on your end and you are getting settled. By now, you are probably using your patio for happy hour! You are not missing much on this end - same old....
I got to go on a cruise off the coast of Maine about a month ago and Bruce and I were in VA Beach a couple of weekends ago for the Air Show, some beach time, etc. Keep on posting your adventures - they are great!