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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday, August 1, 2006:

I was so excited for Dan to have a day to enjoy his house a relax a little bit after all of our work. My family had left, most of the house tasks were completed, and I was going to work for my first day.

But, alas, Dan had a horrible day. He stepped outside for a moment only to step on a nail that went through his shoe and into his heel. He went inside, cleaned up, and tried to persevere. He had a tetanus shot right after our honeymoon two years ago when he cut open his hand. He hoped to mow the yard with the mower that we had just fixed. It was donated to us by some friends. We fixed it, and had not even used it yet. It was stolen, along with the gas can.

We may borrow a neighbor's until we can get another one. We filed a police report, but our side of town is known for its illegal activity, so we don't hold high hopes of getting it back.

But, I started my job, and everyone with whom I work is great. They're all very nice, and I think I will really enjoy working with them.

Thanks for all of your well-wishes. Keep them coming!


Becca, David & Will said... sad about the lawnmower! That just sucks! :(

Hope Dan's heel is okay.

We miss you!

Joanna, Russell & Eilidh said...

Ugh! That bit about the nail: OUCH! Dan needs his feet! We hope the foot's getting better. Regarding the lawnmower: not fair! We hope it's the last thing ever taken (without your consent).

P.S. Yay about the job! We'd love to catch up with you via phone sometime!